Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is Awesome

The reaction to Donovan's strike all over the country.

This raises an interesting point: do the TV ratings account for the fact that so many people watch World Cup games in bars? More than any other sporting event, there is a communal element to World Cup games, in part because of the "us versus them" element and in part because many of the games are during the work day, so people watch with their co-workers at the local bar as opposed to at home on their couches.


Left to Right said...

Those are all great! This compilation of reactions from "around the world" may be the best I've seen.

WHM said...

The below link was forwarded to me in an email, so in no way am I attempting to Spam. Being an Atlantan living in Nashville, I read your blog for the "Atlanta" portion, mostly. Still, I have grown to appreciate soccer more through your passion-filled posts. And, the World Cup has been more than exciting.

I just wanted to see if you had it in you to offer a rebuttal to this post, as I do now know enough about the "art", or intricacies, of soccer to process a complete response. In essence, I'm seeking your advice, Mr. Attorney...

WHM said...


The post should read, " I do NOT know..."

There, that makes more sense.

And I believe this is my first (wait, second) post on your blog -- keep up the good, work. I eagerly your anticipate your thoughts on last night's draft and off-season for the "local basketball collective".

Michael said...

WHM, thanks for the link. That is BEGGING for a fisking. Or a rogering. I'm not sure which.