Monday, September 20, 2010

Question for Mr. College Football

You work at CBS.  Phil Fulmer works at CBS.  Fulmer has taken shots at the management of the Tennessee program since he left, saying “I know my last few years if you talked about only winning nine, it was an act of terror, and now they’re pushing and hoping to win six to get in a bowl game someway.”  You’ve happened to notice that Tennessee doesn’t have any talent left:

When I looked at the Tennessee team Saturday afternoon at Florida, I saw a bunch of guys who should be playing at Middle Tennessee State. I’ll give the Volunteers credit for this: They played hard for 60 minutes against Florida and were still within striking distance of the Gators in the fourth quarter. They didn’t go in the tank when adversity hit like they did against Oregon.  But it’s been a long time since Tennessee was this thin in SEC caliber talent.

You want to ask Fulmer how it is that his recruiting classes left Tennessee with “a bunch of guys who should be playing at Middle Tennessee State?”  Seems like a relevant question to me, especially for someone who seems to be angling to get back into coaching.  Or is CBS just in the business of taking shots at Lane Kiffin because it’s so easy and fun?


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