Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tim Tebow Makes Football History!

After previously butchering his description of the Chip Kelly spread in every way imaginable, Gregg Easterbrook has another gem describing Tim Tebow's two-point conversion against the Dolphins on Sunday:
On the all-important deuce try with 25 seconds showing in regulation, the Broncos came out five-wide and Miami took the field in a dime. Tebow noticed nobody behind the defensive linemen on the offensive right and audibled to a quarterback sneak right, a move reflecting football IQ.

(Emphasis added.)  Yes, Gregg, Tebow became the first quarterback in football history to run the sneak from the shotgun.  No, the play couldn't have been the basic power play that is a staple of the spread offense.  It couldn't have been the play that Tebow ran a million times at Florida, or the play around which Michigan designed its 2010 offense to make Denard Robinson into a single-wing tailback. 

Easterbrook may know about space exploration, military spending inefficiencies, the dangers of SUVs, the Progress Paradox, and dozens of other important subjects, but the spread offense is clearly a bridge too far.

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Hostpph said...

At least someone praise him. It was a great decision for Miami and It is returning the favor.