Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Message Board Gem

Sorry for the lack of posting in the last several months, but time has been short and what time I have had has been spent on writing longer pieces for the Atlanta SB Nation site.  Here is the complete list of what I've been doing.  I quite enjoyed writing the piece on 2008 Georgia and 2012 USC because 2007 Georgia remains one of the strangest teams that I have ever followed.  The radical transformation that that team underwent before the Florida game was something to behold.  So, when USC made a similar turn mid-season, it became obvious that I was going to make an analogy based on a sample size of one.

One of the pleasures of writing, either on this blog or on SB Nation, is that I get to track the sites that link to my work so I can gauge reactions.  The discussion about the piece on the USC Rivals board was hilarious as an illustration of message boards generally and of Rivals boards specifically.  Most of the response from USC fans was that it is folly to compare USC and Georgia, just in general.  Georgia has not had the historical success that USC has had, so a season where Georgia was preseason #1 and was led by the presumptive top pick in the Draft at quarterback cannot possibly be compared to a USC season that will start under the exact same conditions.  Res ipse loquitur.  My personal favorite was from a poster who goes by the witty moniker of Ribbed Trojan:

He didn't know how Marquis' name was spelled? He was co-Pac-10 Freshman of the year...

Also, comparing the wide receivers is ridiculous. AJ Green is great, but he Massaquoi is no match for Lee. Plus, USC has outstanding tight ends and 2 running backs. Yes, Silas was not on the team when he wrote this. Furthermore, we get Stanford early before their QB gets too many reps and we get Oregon at home. Georgia may have had tough games on the road to end the year.

Defensive line is the most important position group in college football. If our line ends up marginal, that could be our achilles heal.
Ah yes, the irony of making fun of me for having to look up how Marqise Lee spells his name ... and then misspelling it yourself.  You're a funny one, Ribbed Trojan.  The next paragraph says that "Georgia may have had tough games on the road to end the year."  Yes, because it is so hard to find a schedule and determine that Georgia's three losses in 2008 came either at home or on a neutral field.  Finally, you have an instance of a Trojan referencing Achilles and then confusing "heal" with "heel."  This is why I write.

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