Tuesday, August 14, 2012

¿Por qué?

Jose Mourinho has decided that "The Special One" will no longer do for a nickname:

"In England, I was presented as the 'Special One'," Mourinho told Portuguese TV channel SIC on Monday night.

"Thanks to God, things have gone well and, whether you like it or not, I am the only one who has won the English, Italian and Spanish championships. So, more than the 'Special One', they must begin to call me the 'Only One'."
In the same interview, Mourinho also says that his ego has shrunk:

"After having won practically everything, as time has passed I have become less self-centred and egocentric," he said. "I have always liked more the joy of other people, those around me. For this, winning with Inter gave me a special pleasure. These are challenges, not personal goals. I also think I could have been a good human resources executive."
If Mourinho is newly-humble and is proclaiming himself the "Only One," how big was his ego before?  Also, if he is motivated by the joy of those around him (as opposed to, say, being the highest-paid soccer coach in the world), then why wouldn't he take the coaching job at a club like Newcastle that has not won a title in decades?  That would seem to be the situation where he could create the maximal joy for those around him, as opposed to delivering Real Madrid a 33rd La Liga title. 

There are those who say that Mourinho's comments are designed to deflect attention from his players so that they can focus on winning titles and he can take the arrows from the media.  However, we are in an international break right now and Real are five days from starting the season.  There is no need to defuse pressure right now and yet Jose is still mouthing off about being the humblest "Only One" in the world.  Maybe, just maybe, the chant is right.*

* - Note: in that clip, Barca fans are singing about Jose in a road match against Villarreal.  It was the first song that I heard on the escalators to the upper deck at the Wembley Champions League Final.  Jose doesn't need to be in the building to be the target of love songs.  I wonder if he likes the contempt of other people as much as their joy.

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