Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I love Leo Mazzone

From Baseball Prospectus:

"That ball left Andruw's bat, traveled about 450 feet, and the next contact it made was with my freakin' head. That thing came straight out of the sky. Then I was face down in the bullpen."
--Braves pitching coach Leo Mazzone, on getting hit on the head by an Andruw Jones home run during batting practice (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

"I probably could have caught it if I knew it was coming. It smoked him, right in the head. It hit him hard, and he hit the ground. I was like, 'He's dead.'"
--Braves reliever Blane Boyer, who was standing a few feet away from Mazzone when he got hit

"He was bleeding all over the place. But he just wore it. He got up and walked away. Horacio [Ramirez] said, 'Stay down, stay down.' "

"No more than usual."
--Mazzone, on whether he felt any dizziness the next day

"I never was normal."
--Mazzone, on whether he felt back to normal

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