Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Trev storms off

Well, we won't have Trev Alberts to kick around anymore. Miffed at perceived second-fiddle status behind the Gameday crew, Alberts played the role of French farmer or London customs agent and went on strike. ESPN, knowing that the number of potential replacements who would be happy to work as a studio analyst probably has six or seven digits, sent him on his merry way. In terms of landing spots, ABC seems to be set with their annoying Craig James/Uncle Fester studio combo, but what about CBS? They only have the forgettable Spencer Tillman in studio with Tim Brando. Plus, Alberts has always sung the praises of SEC teams, which is somewhat odd for a former Nebraska Cornhusker, given how that program owned SEC opponents during its heyday, but there's no accounting for taste. Alberts, for all of the irrational things he has said, is controversial without making completely unsupportable arguments and his name now has some value, so how about it, CBS?

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