Thursday, September 08, 2005

Play it again, Bill

What a f***ing whiner! I could insert any one of my complaints about Bill Simmons' writings about the Patriots from last four years here and make the same points, since he's a complete stuck record. There is nothing worse than a fan of a team that wins all the time who still manages to whine that his team doesn't get enough respect and who constantly belittles his rival as overrated. That's pretty much the definition of "sore winner." And speaking of sore winner, the excuses that come rolling out are choice! Philly almost won the Super Bowl because the Pats ran out of DBs. Indy is going to get homefield because of their weak schedule. Have some f***ing grace and acknowledge that the Pats' rivals have some merit! I've gotten to the point where I expect his agenda to shine through every time he makes reference to one of the major teams in the NFL.

And the best part is that he's now on the opposite side from where he was for years with the Yankees and Red Sox. Now that he's on top, he belittles the underdog as incapable of ever beating the favorite (without acknowledging that Indy might be a little better after drafting well and signing Corey Simon,) but when he wore his Red Sox hat, he dutifully analyzed Yankees/Red Sox match-up in nauseating detail, as if the Sox had a chance to win (and ultimately, they did.) History is replete with teams that knock on the door for a while before finally getting over the hump, such as the Eagles last year, the Broncos under Elway, Tennessee against Florida, Osborne's Nebraska against Oklahoma, Bowden against Miami, etc. Then again, Bill doesn't have much of a grasp of anything outside of the last few years, so what do I expect?

And does anyone get the irony that he bitches about no respect and his article is linked on the front page under a headline story from Len Pasquarelli that states that the Pats are the favorites to win again? Sports Guy must look far and wide to find people who don't pick New England (as if picking against a team trying to perform an unprecedented task of winning three straight Super Bowls is totally irrational) and then latch onto them, ignoring the hordes who pick them. (There's an analogy here to the right wingers who bitch about the liberal media because they latch onto liberal articles/statements and ignore the rest, not unlike the blind man who grabs the elephant's trunk and thinks he's feeling a snake.)

And yet I keep coming back for more...


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peacedog said...

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Is asking "What happened to Simmons?" already passe? Is this just a natural boomerang effect? You read him when he was the Boston Sports Guy. Was this the inevitable result of Bostonian success?

His NBA columns still seem pretty good. However, I also cringe whenver I sense a Boston-centric column these days. Weep, for the end of innocense!

Michael said...

I think that Boston's success, combined with his move to ESPN, have hurt him, although I still read him every week because his stuff is more interesting than 95% of the drivel out there. Writing for ESPN has neutered him from making his best jokes, which were often either slightly off-color or made fun of other media entities. That combined with the fact that it turns out that he's completely insufferable when his teams win, have hurt his writing. There is really nothing worse than whining that a team that's won three out of four Super Bowls doesn't get enough love.