Monday, September 12, 2005

Why can't the AJC have post-game warp-ups like this?

This is one of the best post-game articles I've read in terms of depth of analysis and useful information provided. Are football fans in Honolulu better able to handle insightful comments regarding a game than fans in Atlanta (or indeed, anywhere on the mainland)? Do our newspapers dumb their articles down excessively? Is journalism taught differently in Hawaii?

Seriously, I woke up Sunday morning and had almost no desire to read the AJC's write-up of the Georgia game because I knew that it would convey little or no information that I didn't glean for myself watching the game on TV. Does anyone else have that feeling? And it isn't just the AJC. Post-game write-ups generally suck because they convey very little that the box score doesn't, other than the formulaic quotes from coaches and players who do everything in their power to avoid saying anything controversial or interesting.

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