Friday, January 27, 2006

Confirming Metaphysical Good and Evil

It's always gratifying when someone goes to the trouble to confirm which college football programs have actual admissions standards and which factories will admit anything with functional brain activity. So many thanks to the Orlando Sentinel for showing that Michigan, Virginia and Georgia all have actual standards, whereas their rivals predominantly do not. I will now do my superior dance.

(One caveat: the Sentinel's rankings are done in an apparently subjective fashion where the sources of the rankings are not disclosed. However, since the rankings conform closely to my "factory/not a factory" preconceptions, they must be right.)


Anonymous said...

Virginia??! Wouldn't Georgia Tech have been a better example?



9 Wake Forest

8 Duke

7 Georgia Tech

6 Boston College

6 North Carolina

6 Virginia

Kyle King said...

Michael, it's funny that you would mention that Georgia and Michigan are two of the schools that actually have standards, because I am trying to enlist the aid of my fellow Bulldog webloggers to launch a letter-writing campaign encouraging the athletic directors in Athens and Ann Arbor to arrange a home and home football series between the Bulldogs and the Wolverines.

I believe there is a natural affinity between the Red and Black and the Maize and Blue, to which you have already alluded.

Any support you would be willing to provide to this effort would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Michael said...

I'd love to see Michigan stop playing Notre Dame and start rotating major opponents on a home-and-away basis. Ohio State has the right idea. They have a two-year series with Texas, followed by Miami and then USC. Those match-ups are fresh, as opposed to the tepid old Michigan-ND game, which helps ND far more than Michigan.