Friday, January 06, 2006

More Picking on HeismanPundit

I went over to his site to see how he reacted to Texas upsetting USC. (His "USC will win because Texas hasn't seen a team that uses the tight end" prediction gave me great amusement as I watched David Thomas catch ten balls. Texas does practice against their own offense, do they not? But USC had to win primarily because of more sophisticated West Coast offenses and not because they have an insane amount of talent.) To his credit, he was gracious and complimentary to Texas, going beyond simply stating that Vince Young is an incredible athlete to also give credit to the Horns' braintrust for using the no-huddle offense.

Anyway, in an effort to find something to be peeved about, I scrolled down a little and sure enough, I found pure comic gold. Here are his rankings of the best teams of the past 25 years. You'll never guess which major conference fails to place a team in the top ten. From 1980-2004, the period covered by HP's rankings, five different SEC teams won national championships: Georgia '80, Alabama '92, Florida '96, Tennessee '98, and LSU '03. I guess that none of them were that good.

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