Monday, January 30, 2006

Let's See If The National Media Picks Up On This

Next year, most ACC teams will be playing schedules that would even embarrass the SEC. Remember when Florida State could be counted upon to play Miami, Florida, and one other prominent opponent? Somehow, Troy, Rice, and Western Michigan don't count. And remember when Virginia was playing Texas, Michigan, or Auburn? Make way for Pitt, Western Michigan, Wyoming, and East Carolina. And kudos for Virginia Tech for shaking off the balls that allowed them to play LSU and USC in recent years and returning to their traditional rivalries with Northeastern, Cincinnati, Southern Miss, and Kent State.

For once, the SEC has something to brag about relative to its oft-mocked rival league to the northeast. Arkansas plays USC, Auburn plays Washington State, Tennessee plays Cal, Georgia plays Colorado, LSU plays Arizona, Ole Miss plays Missouri, Mississippi State plays West Virginia, and Vandy plays Michigan. Add in Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina's traditional rivalry games against quality opponents and the only program that should be really embarrassed by their out-of-conference schedule is Alabama.

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