Friday, January 20, 2006

The Things I Think About Driving to Work

In Scarface, when Sosa has to send someone with Alberto the Hitman to help him around New York City and translate for him, why does he send a known drug kingpin from Miami who's under indictment for cocaine trafficking and money laundering? Isn't he the most likely guy to draw attention to what Alberto is trying to accomplish? Wouldn't the Feds be tailing him? Hell, wouldn't it be hard for him to catch a plane to Bolivia after being charged? Figuring out how preposterous the end of Scarface is (leaving aside the facts that Tony would have been dead within a minute because the amount of cocaine he ingested at the end, and he wouldn't have been able to shout at Sosa's goon army after taking about ten bullets in the upper torso) is not unlike when I found out that my favorite childhood author Roald Dahl was an open anti-semite. There's a real loss of innocence there. My childhood would really be in tatters if I had a commute longer than ten minutes.


peacedog said...

Roald Dahl was an anti semite? No F*n way. I did not know this.

Jacob said...

I forgot which night, sometime in the last 3 days someone on espn asked dick vital (it must have been him) during the halftime of a game what the best conference in america is, and he mentioned the big east and big ten and then gave this quote, "the ACC, any conference with an undefeated Duke team has to be in the picture."

Michael said...

Do a google search for "Roald Dahl" and "anti-semite". I remember reading this fact in his obit on a debate trip in 1990 and being very disenchanted.

Vitale is about 40% of my dislike of Duke. By the way, I had a fairly lengthy college basketball post this morning that was eaten by blogspot. I'll recreate it tonight, but one statement was that I agree that Mark Bradley that Duke looks like a good bet to win the title this year.

Michael said...

Whoops, it looks like blogspot didn't eat the post.

Jacob said...

Actually I read that post, I just posted my comment on the wrong message by accident.

peacedog said...

I agree on the Williams thing. I like him, but he's not exactly a dominating defender. He's not tall enough to be a true prowler in the lane. A nd he's not especially good 1on1 that I can tell. He's not bad by any stretch. But you can go inside on them.

Reddick continues to impress me. Looks like Paulus is off to a decent start at 5apg as well. This reminds me what a joke Tom Lemming is.

Watched the UVA UNC game while out last night. Taylor what's his faced looks 6-4 to me but he impressed the Diamond Cutter and I last night. If he gets any kind of space he's very effective with nice touch and the ability to find open teammates. Not as good when doubleteamed, but he's young. I can't figure out how UVA won, except then I rememeber the two UNC guards mimiced Chad & Sandy's GISA title game appearances from beyond the arc. That was atrocious.

Greg Oden's highschool team was playing on another TV in the place (Wagers, FWIW). Oden was pretty impressive. However, some announcer listed his top 10 centers fo all time (couldn't hear it, they did a graphic). Jabaar, Walton, Sampson, Olajawon, Ewing, Shaq, Malone, Chamberlin, Russell. . .Greg Oden.

That's the most absurd shit I've ever seen in my entire life. I'll try to watch OSU play next year soley because I miss watching good centers play. Dave and I were wondering why they all seem to have dissappeared. The really talented tall guys seem to come in the KG/Sheed Wallace package these days. Not really centers, in other words. Or, you get those quality post players like Williams (6-7/8ish with reach) who play 5 in college but they're bound for a career on the bench as a 4 in the pros.