Tuesday, January 15, 2008


10:47 - It's 2-2 and I'm not loving the Iverson-Anthony Johnson match-up, prospectively speaking.

9:44 - Good cut from Marvin on what looked like a designed play, but he missed the shot. I'll cut him some slack; he was 2-2 up to that point.

8:16 - G-d bless the Atlanta nightlife. The Nuggets appear uninterested in playing defense.

Actually, the Nuggets played in Charlotte last night, so there's no Cheetah joke to be made here, but when have I ever let the facts get in the way? 16-6 Hawks and George Karl looks fussy. The Nugs haven't recovered from their Bobcat mauling...

5:22 - Iverson and Melo have ten of the Nuggets' 12 points. Make that 12 of 14 as Melo lays the ball in while I'm typing. 20-14 home team.

4:12 - What happened in the old days when the Nuggets and their 27-color jerseys met the Bucks and their 27 shades of green?

2:53 - The typing magically stops as we have a feature on the board about a comely A-town Dancer. She's good-looking enough to get away with admitting that she loves Lionel Richie in front of thousands of strangers.

1:55 - Any Denver possession that involves Linas Kleiza driving is a good one for Atlanta. Take that, massive audience for Braves & Birds in Columbia, Missouri!

1:04 - Orson points out that the game rematches Iverson and Tyronne Lue after their famous tussle in the 2002 Finals that caused Washington to pull an Al Davis and massively overpay for a free agent based on a good championship game/series performance.

:02 - Josh Childress: ugliest effective shot since Adrian Dantley? Bill Cartwright? In the honor of the Nuggets, Alex English?

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jjwalker said...

Re Tyronn Lue--

Not to mention that in that series, he was playing the Raja Bell style defense on Iverson where if you commit 5 fouls, they'll call 5. But if you commit 30...they'll still only call 5. Even as a Lakers fan, I was embarrassed at what he was getting away with.