Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Third Quarter: Judge Joe Brown Thinks the Nuggets are Uninterested in Moving their Feet

6:14 - It took Nava a little while to get me my spinach and mushroom quesadillas, so I missed the first half of the third quarter. In the intervening period, Orson and I speculated on the number of conceptions that resulted from people meeting at the (formerly known as) Bank of America bar area. Gobinda would not be impressed.

Girls. Selling themselves.

4:10 - My brother's probably the only one chuckling at that last joke.

3:40 - The Platonic ideal of a Josh Smith sequence: he pins a shot against the backboard and then gets called for palming at the other end.

:03 - Micah Hart just asked me what my beef with Mandel is. That's the explanation for the dead space for the past three minutes. Hawks are up 82-67 at the end of three. Melo has 30, Iverson has 20, and J.R. Smith has 13. You do the math on what that says about the remaining five Nuggets who have seen the floor.

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