Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quarter Four: It Sure Would Suck to Blow this Lead

11:44 - I'm pretty sure that the root cause of Denver's problems in this game is the fact that Von Wafer has not seen the floor. His sole appearance was a victim on Kiss Cam.

9:32 - I spent two minutes rattling off my Acie Law-Randolph Childress comparison and then Acie drives to the hoop and scores. I'll need to come up with a long list of failed first round scoring points for the big games coming down the stretch.

8:10 - I'm not sure what I'll do if I ever have a daughter about bringing her to Hawks games and letting her see the A-twon Dancers. The last number can only be described as Luther Campbell-approved.

7:47 - Marvin just forced Melo to take a tough shot, but Melo buried it. 88-76.

5:24 - Nice move by Josh Smith to drive and score. He's had a quiet game, but that's not necessarily a bad thing because it means he hasn't been turning the ball over too much. I just checked the box score and he has a quiet three turnovers.

5:08 - Yahoo has plus/minus stats in their box score. Joe Johnson is +23 right now.

3:41 - Denver is playing a little harder defensively, but it's too late and the Hawks are in rhythm. Anthony Johnson drives and kicks to an open Josh Smith for a jumper. Five assists and no turnovers for AJ. 101-86. Time to power down and head for the press conference.

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