Saturday, January 05, 2008

Terence Moore was Due for a Real Stinker

And he obliges with this gem: Terance Mathis should be the Falcons next GM. What are Mathis's qualifications, you ask? According to Moore, he spent the summer as a coaching and scouting intern with the Baltimore Ravens. So all you law students who are going to be summer associates with big firms this summer take note: you'll be qualified thereafter to be managing partners according to Moore. Mathis then plays the role of Hillary Clinton by insulting Barack Obama:

“If Barack Obama can win Iowa, why can’t I be the general manager of the Falcons?” said Mathis, 40, which makes you sort of wonder why not, indeed?

Oh, I don't know, because being a U.S. Senator is a generally accepted qualification for being president, but being a summer intern is not for being a general manager? The fact that Moore figuratively nods at this mind-blowingly naive statement makes me wonder how Moore's editors could have let this piece run in a reputed publication. This article deserves the race war that follows in the comments.

Since Terence has established that qualifications are irrelevant and tribal loyalty is paramount, I hereby nominate my former camper Max Pollock, who just finished his final season as a walk-on linebacker at Michigan, for the Presidency of Kenya.


Fox4NX said...

I completely agree with you on your points. I am quite feed up with Terence Moore period for simply race baiting at every corner.

Anonymous said...

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