Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Top 25 is Offensive

2Southern Cal--
3California 4
4Ohio State--
5Oregon 4
6South Florida 10
7Boston College 1
8West Virginia 3
9Florida 3
10Oklahoma 7
11Kentucky 2
12South Carolina 2
13Cincinnati 5
14Georgia 1
15Miami (Florida) 4
16Rutgers 6
17Florida State 9
18Wisconsin 2
19Kansas State 7
20UCLA 6
21Missouri 3
22Arizona State 1
23Texas 12
24Clemson 12
25Colorado 1

Dropped Out: Alabama (#17), Penn State (#21), Virginia Tech (#22), Kansas (#25).
I feel queasy putting Kentucky so high when their defense is so bad. Are they really that different than the Louisville team that everyone has banished to the nether-regions of the rankings? I feel queasy putting South Florida so high after West Virginia put the game on a platter for them with an epic avalanche of turnovers. I feel queasy for giving Oregon a bump after a home loss, although I think the game confirmed that Cal and Oregon are almost even and if they are both very good, then they both deserve to be in the upper reaches of the poll. I feel queasy having South Carolina so high with Jasper Brinkley out of the season.
The two teams that almost made appearances in the poll were Illinois, for the obvious reason that they beat Penn State, and UConn, for the reason that they have bombed the nobodies they've played (with the exception of Temple). The winner of the UConn-Virginia game in two weeks ought to be ranked, assuming that UVA doesn't lose this weekend in their roadtrip (roadtrip?) to Middle Tennessee State.
And just to continue my stuck record on Wisconsin, they are not a top ten team, let alone a team that should be #5 in the country. They have yet to put together a quality 60 minutes of football, but because they're unbeaten and in the Big Ten, the AP and coaches polls love them and mindlessly keep them moving on the conveyor belt as teams above them play competent opponents and lose. And speaking of the Big Ten, try this scenario on for size: USC, Ohio State, and Florida all run the table. The Gators have one loss, but two wins over LSU. Do they jump the Bucks into the national title game? Put another way, after last year, is there any way that Ohio State does not get jumped, even though voting is only supposed to be about this year?

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