Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Top 25

2Ohio State 2
4South Florida 2
6Boston College 1
7Oklahoma 3
8Florida 1
9South Carolina 3
10Cincinnati 3
11West Virginia 3
12Arizona State 10
13Missouri 8
14Southern Cal 12
15Kentucky 4
16Virginia Tech 10
17Florida State--
18Kansas 8
19Auburn 7
20Illinois 6
21Colorado 4
22Tennessee 4
24Maryland 2
25Wisconsin 7

Dropped Out: Georgia (#14), Miami (Florida) (#15), Rutgers (#16), Kansas State (#19), UCLA (#20), Clemson (#24).


Unknown said...

I was at the WSU-ASU game in Pullman on Saturday. Erickson is using smoke and mirrors to have that team undefeated/ranked.

The Cougs tore through the ASU o-line like it was non-existent, and the Cougs don't have a defense. Carpenter looked awful in the first half, ok in the second half.

Washington State is a bad team this year, especially on defense, and I think the game Saturday versus ASU is a good indicator of both team's abilities.

Neither should be ranked (which, I realize, goes without saying for WSU), and I love the Pac-10.

Also - love the blog. I read everything but the soccer posts a couple times a week.

Michael said...

I saw the last minute of the game and my conclusion is that WSU's kicker has the longest name I've ever seen. He;d fit well in the good old days of the NFL when soccer hadn't hit the US and we had to import kickers with names like Rolf Benerschke, Ali Haji-Sheikh, Uwe von Schamann, and my personal favorite, Mick Luckhurst.

Good to know that I have a reader in the Palouse.

Fox said...

Nice to see you finally start to give the Hokies their due. I mean, really, who needs a functional passing offense or a running game involving anyone other than the QB. Surely the D and special teams will score 2-3 TDs a week, right?


Michael said...

That was such a quintessential VT win. They were up 31-5 at the half (or something like that) and had about 125 yards of offense. Their style works absolutely perfectly against teams that are adept at shooting off their own feet. As long as coaching remains wretched in the ACC, you can count on a bunch of wins.

Fox said...

What, a son of Bowden can't coach? I'm shocked.

I absoluetely agree--that's why I hope UVA keeps Groh around. I'm petrified of UNC under teh Butch Davis regime though. He sucked in the pros but knows how to build a college program.