Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One of Three

I would say more, but GolTV contrived to not show the Copa del Rey Final after showing the preliminary rounds of the tournament. So, all I know is that Athletic went on top first, Toure Yaya (Barca's defensive midfielder playing central defense) scored a cracker of a goal to equalize after slaloming through the defense, and then the Blaugrana blitzed Athletic after the break. Oh, and Puyol put on a Basque flag after the game to salute the Athletic fans. There's some affinity between the flagship side of Catalunya and the flagship side of the Basque Country, namely hatred of Real Madrid.

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Bret LaGree said...

If you're not already aware, FSC is showing the game during the Barca TV block on Friday afternoon.

As to why GolTV didn't show the final live, apparently the rights to the final are sold separately from the rest of the tournament and GolTV (not so surprisingly) couldn't afford the rights' fee.