Thursday, May 21, 2009

There was Literally No Chance that ESPN Wouldn't Make this a Headline

Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium! If only Army were not involved, this would be the ultimate meteor game. Oh, and Florentino Perez should somehow be involved. With Stuart Scott and Dick Vitale calling the game.

Speaking of the Irish, I'm interested to hear frequent commenter Ed's view on ESPN being against the Irish on the heels of Notre Dame Week on College Football Live.


Ed said...

Sorry Michael I haven't given it much thought. I've been too absorbed by the riveting possibilities of an Army-ND matchup.

I mean, how do you stop their single wing attack, flattening opponents like the Soviets marching to Berlin? That Doc Blanchard gliding along the sidelines like a Russian ballerina (no offense, Doc!) is a first down waiting to happen. But if you key on him, then you got Glenn Davis kicking up a cloud of dust between the tackles.

And heaven forbid those brave cadets should try a forward pass.....

But, if I must comment, I guess my long-held thesis that it would be a cold, cold day in hell before ESPN covers anything related to Notre Dame football has been shot to pieces, obliterated beyond recognition.

My question is though, can it really be called positive coverage if they have Jimmy Clausen as a guest?

Michael said...

I just realized that I claim to be educated and I have a double negative in the title of the post.