Monday, November 23, 2009

Here's Everything For Which I Am Not Thankful

1 Alabama
2 Texas
4 Florida
5 Cincinnati
6 Georgia Tech
7 Oregon
8 Ohio State 2
9 Pittsburgh
10 Boise State 1
11 Oklahoma State 5
12 Clemson 4
13 Iowa 1
14 Virginia Tech 3
15 Mississippi 10
16 Oregon State 6
17 Penn State 1
18 Miami (Florida) 3
19 California
20 Texas Tech 1
21 North Carolina 2
22 Stanford 8
23 LSU 10
24 Southern Cal 4
25 Nebraska
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: West Virginia (#23), Arizona (#24).

Welcome to the weekend of my dissatisfaction with:
  • Greg Robinson for blitzing on third and goal from the 12 when: (1) Jim Tressel loves field goals; (2) Jim Tressel is terrified of Terrelle Pryor throwing into tight spaces; and (3) you've been blitzing predictably in that situation all year. (I decided during the game that Ohio State is Glasgow Rangers: a team that dominates a formerly strong league, but does nothing outside of its small pond. I guess that makes Michigan Hamilton Academical, the team currently at the bottom of that small pond. FML.)
  • Mark Richt for...everything about Saturday night. If this Georgia season were Scarface, Saturday night was Tony shooting Manny.
  • Les Miles for devaluing a Michigan diploma by topping his blunder in the 2005 Tennessee game when he tried to call a timeout after an interception.
  • Jeff Tedford for some insanely conservative decisions in the fourth quarter of the Cal-Stanford game when his team was locked in a shootout with the Cardinal. Punting on fourth and inches from his own 40 was dumb (and it took Stanford six plays to score thereafter); settling for a field goal that gave Stanford a chance with the ball down six and three minutes to go was incredibly dumb. And I like Tedford.
  • Penn State for putting itself into contention for a BCS bowl without a single quality win. Who died and made them Notre Dame? Oh yeah. Notre Dame.
  • Arizona for depriving my friend Klinsi of the dream of watching his alma mater in Pasadena for the first time...and in the most excruciating fashion, no less. Then again, Klinsi bought my eldest son an Oregon Ducks shirt after Oregon hammered Michigan in 2007, so karma?
  • ABC for not cutting away from Texas going all John Doe in his first murder in Seven on Mark Mangino to show a far more compelling game out West.


Anonymous said...


LD said...

What's your thinking regarding these teams: Oregon, Oregon State, Boise St., Cal, Southern Cal, Stanford, Arizona?

I'm not sure I can figure them all out.

I'm not sure Arizona is worse than USC - they haven't played each other yet, Arizona played Stanford (won) and Oregon really close while USC got waxed by both, and both lost close at Washington. The only thing USC has over Arizona is a win over a decent Big 10 team 2 1/2 months ago.

I also can't really see Oregon being 15 places better than the Stanford team that hung 50 on them 3 weeks ago. They both pounded USC. They both played Arizona tight (one weird bounce made the difference - and Gerhardt got hurt late in that AZ-Stan game). Both have played tough schedules. Is it just the Cal game result?

And if Oregon is really that good, Boise?

Anonymous said...

Les Miles might be slow, but he's a better coach than Rich Rodriguez. Miles will either succeed or he'll be fired and leave the cupboards fully stocked with premier talent (I think next year will be a big year for them) for the next coach. RichRod is either going to succeed by flying in the face of every coaching trend of the past 30 years (e.g. great coaches succeed right away, recruiting rankings are closely linked with on-field performance, etc.), or he'll fail and the next coach will have a mediocre roster specifically tailored in a manner that basically only RichRod can succeed with.

Anonymous said...

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Klinsi said...

Well Michael, losing out on a trip to the Rose Bowl in excruciating fashion is pretty much par for the course for U of A football fans. 31 years of watching Wildcat football has inured me to the disappointment.

And of course, it's pretty likely I'll be deployed on 1 Jan anyway, so I'm not sure which is worse: losing yet again on a Pac-10 title or winning it the one year I have almost zero chance of actually making it to Pasadena to watch the game? That said, if we're going to lose out on the title, there's only one team I'd want to see us lose to . . . . . .

Go Ducks!!!!!!

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