Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well Done, FIFA

I can't imagine anyone having an interest in watching a finish like this.

Rematch on Wednesday.

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Jesse said...

And in other news, Ireland got completely robbed. I mean, like stripped down to their skivvies and left in the park robbed. So, discussion topic suggestion, should there be replay reviews in the world of footie? Or, should there be at least another official down by the goals?

I like both ideas. I don't think we need replay at every level and in every game, but I do think they should implement it when it concerns major elimination games. The World Cup isn't just some regular playoff, it's the ultimate goal of every soccer player to have ever played the game so shouldn't the governing bodies do everything in their power to ensure the game is called fairly and true so that there are no questions?

I think there should be a couple more officials added. I typically don't have many problems with the side judges because they usually are able to keep up with the play and get the call right. The only concern is how in the world do they miss an offsides call on a set piece, especially when there is an official on each side of the field? In the least, one should always be lined up with the deepest man at all times. My biggest problem has always been the main official because they are almost always 100% behind the play and easily get their line of sight blocked by the many players between them and the ball. Adding an official around the goal would go a long way to helping ensure the right call gets made with all those bodies piled up in the box.

Just some thoughts and I figured this would be the best place for it.