Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Top 25 Shoots Blood

1 Alabama
2 Texas
3 TCU 1
4 Florida 1
5 Cincinnati
6 Georgia Tech 1
7 Oregon 6
8 Clemson 16
9 Pittsburgh
10 Ohio State 2
11 Boise State 1
12 Iowa 5
13 LSU 7
14 Stanford 9
15 Miami (Florida) 4
16 Oklahoma State 2
17 Virginia Tech 4
18 Penn State 1
19 North Carolina
20 Southern Cal 5
21 Texas Tech 4
22 Oregon State 4
23 West Virginia
24 Arizona 12
25 Mississippi
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Tennessee (#16), Houston (#20), Utah (#22).

I made the decision to put TCU ahead of Florida when the Horned Frogs were beating a pretty good Utah team senseless. After watching a game in which Florida struggled to move the ball against South Carolina and in which Tim Tebow didn't know what to do with plenty of time to throw the ball, I decided that Florida has serious problems on offense (at least relative to where they should be). Georgia is the only semi-credible opponent against which the Florida offense has impressed. Ergo, the Gators are #4. At this stage in the season, their ranking is irrelevant because they'll jump TCU and Alabama if they run the table and win in Atlanta. However, I don't like the Gators chances against the Tide right now. If competent Greg McElroy shows up (as opposed to midseason slump McElroy), then Bama is more likely to score on the Florida defense than vice versa.


Jesse said...

A sixteen spot jump for Clemson? That's a little dramatic for one win don't you think? I mean, especially considering the team they played, I don't see how that large of a jump is warranted.

Michael said...

That's the product of a re-evaluation. I had them too low last week.

Jesse said...

Ahh. I don't necessarily disagree, just thought it was odd. They are going to be one heck of a team to deal with on Dec 5th, if they don't implode before then, as they are inclined to do.