Thursday, March 25, 2010

Even with my Statler & Waldorf Attitude Towards the Tournament...

This Kansas State-Xavier game is the bee's knees. Gus Johnson is going to look like one of the Duke brothers by the time this is over. I'm just not sure if he'll be screaming "turn these machines back on!!!" or he'll be on a stretcher. On Jordan Crawford's three at the end of regulation, he call was this: "Crawford's gotta hurry! Aaah!?! AAAAHHH!!! He tied it!!!!" I don't agree with Bill Simmons on everything, but he's spot on on his Gus Crush.

If Xavier plays Butler, then I won't know what to do because I'm always confusing those two programs as the two feisty mid-majors from the Midwest who wear navy blue.

If Bruno Ganz is unavailable for Downfall: The Prequel, Frank Martin can stand in for him. He's, uh, passionate. I was seriously wondering whether he was going to pull a reverse Sprewell at the end of regulation when his team fouled a shooter taking a three.

This is like a game that I would have played my myself in our driveway when I was a kid.

And somewhere, Mitch Richmond is smiling.

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Hobnail_Boot said...

+1 for "reverse Spreewell"