Thursday, March 04, 2010

Need Your Help

So I decided to coach my eldest son's soccer team and I found out tonight that I get to pick the team's name and t-shirt colors. So what nickname would be most intimidating for a collection of three-year Kiddie Kickers marching out to do battle? The Land of Fire? The Pirate Ship? The Lions of Decatur? The Coffee Growers? The War Elephants?

Team Handbags?


Kevin said...

I just started my first season as a head coach for my son's U10 team. 1 - 0 so far. We picked Chelsea as our team name. I wouldn't expect you to do that. Though perhaps Drogba Juniors has a ring of mystery to it for those not familiar with the world's best player (and that's a hair short of 100% of soccer Moms).

MiniMessi? Perhaps Fireballs. I like that one. Yeah, I'd recommend Fireballs

Michael said...

I like it. Our team motto can be "it's a f***ing disgrace!!!"