Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Braves have had Better Days

Iconic third baseman is lost for the year and possibly his career with a torn ACL, just as he was starting to heat up.  (Good lord, do we need Martin Prado back in short order, in part for offense and in part to free Infante to play third.  Or maybe this is the spur to call up Freddie Freeman so Glaus can play a little third?)  Phillies come back from 9-2 down in the eighth to win and narrow the deficit to two games. 

Does anyone else feel like this team is teetering a little?  I really shouldn’t feel this way about a team with the second-best record in the NL, but I do.  The first baseman can’t hit anymore.  The closer can’t close.  The promising young starter heard something pop in his elbow.  The team struggles mightily on the road.  The defense lets us down once a game.  I look at the lineup at times (such as Sunday) and wonder how this team expects to score runs.  The Braves are 14-12 in the second half.  The two-time defending NL champs have the Braves in their sights and they get a slew of regulars back over the next several weeks.  Right now, I’m feeling like the barriers to a collapse are Hudson, McCann, Venters, and Fortress Ted.  Am I alone here? 

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Unknown said...

You are not, in fact, alone here.

While I don't understand all the mechanics of how major-league rosters work, I do feel the most immediate things that must happen are a) get Prado back on the field and b) find someone to spell Glaus (who's moving like he's encased in concrete). Also, we may need to execute Kyle Farnsworth. Or convince him to retire. One of the two.