Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bracket Ennui

One of the signs of aging, for me at least, is the feeling of impotence when looking at a blank NCAA bracket. In my college days, I knew all of the teams. I had seen Tulsa play when Tubby was their coach and knew that they could upset big name teams. I had typically seen most of Championship Week and had a sense as to how good the mid-majors were. I had seen all of the major contenders several times, sometimes in person since I did college and law school at schools with major programs. Of course, I would always bollocks up on picking the national champion, usually by tabbing Kansas, so I wouldn't win the pool, but I always took relief from being a real fan and leading after the first weekend.

Now, I'm married and have a real job. In return for emotional support, regular sex, meals that don't come from cans or frozen boxes, and enough cash to get a good haircut and drink $7 beers at games, I've had to trade in my bracket prowess. I looked longingly at the bracket like an alum looks at the students as they rush the field after a big win...or how Mick Jagger probably looks at rock acts now.

Anyway, Illinois over Duke with UNC and L'ville to round out the Final Four. If I'm right, it'll only be dumb luck. If I'm wrong, well, I used to be a man.

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