Friday, March 25, 2005

Thanks, CBS 46

Great decision last night to show the Texas Tech/West Virginia game instead of Arizona/Oklahoma State. Sure the latter game had far more NBA-quality players. (I'd come up with a ratio, but as Mrs. Claxton taught me in the fourth grade, I can't divide by zero.) Sure the latter game involved higher seeds who are more likely to make the Final Four and show impressively once there. That's all true, but the mighty Red Raider nation has infiltrated the Atlanta area. Heck, every time I go to Jocks & Jills to watch games, I can't get a seat because of all of the T-Tech fans. And WVU? They've taken over the city! There's a reason why Cobb County is called "Morgantown South" now.

(Note to non-Atlantans: I'm being sarcastic. I've only encountered one Texas Tech fan in all my time of watching games here and she was here on business. And annoying. West Virginians tend not to leave their own state for, uh, fear of being exposed to modernity.)

Maybe CBS decided that north Georgia viewers in White or Union counties would respond well to Senor Pittsnogle?

I need digital cable or a dish. Badly.


peacedog said...

We were sitting around last night trying to come up with all the ways you could taunt Saleem Stoudamire. "Your appartment is dirty" (to: overrated/loosely). Or how about "Tie your shoes six times, tie your shoes!" (to: here we go *team name*. . .).

I have no idea if he does that with his shoes, but discovering all of his berserk OCD issues and then turning them on him at a game is what basketball is all about. It makes me a horrible person to even think this, I'm sure. OCD is nasty stuff (I met a girl recently who confessed "my parents new my OCD was bad when I was 8 and I'd fold my dirty laundry").

But I don't think I could pass up on an opportunity like this. The road to hell is paved with drunken basketball cheers.

Michael said...

How's he related to Damon? Brothers? Cousins? There's some potential there.

"You're no Damon!"

"Jailblazer baby"

I need to do better.

peacedog said...

I think it is a cousin. But the Damon stuff is easy. Properly dissing on OCD issues is something that takes an artist.