Friday, March 25, 2005

Mark Bradley's bullish on Andrew Bogut

Mark Bradley, who's pretty much the only AJC columnist whose columns I read regularly, has a good piece this morning on why Andrew Bogut would be a good pick for the Hawks. (You need an AJC subscription to access the link. If you have one, then use the link to the right and the column is on the lower left of the page.) Here are the most encouraging arguments he makes:

1. Bogut has had very good games against Arizona and LSU this year. The Arizona comparison doesn't mean too much because Channing Frye is skilled, but soft. (I can't get past his name. He should be an extra on "The OC" with a name like Channing.) Still, 20/10 (on 8/10 shooting) is nothing to sneeze at. The LSU comparison means more to me because they have two NBA-quality, bullish big men. 24/17 (on 10/15 shooting) is really impressive against Brandon Bass and Glenn Davis. The only negatives I can find from those games is that Frye scored 19 on Bogutn and that Andrew didn't get to the line much.

2. Bogut's got a Croatian background. This shouldn't mean much to me, but Mr. Herrin's explanation of the Yugoslav conflict in 12th grade International Relations sticks with me. Get ready for a bunch of inappropriate jokes if Bogut becomes a Hawk.

On the other hand, Bradley is loony when he mentions Bogut in the same sentence as Kevin Garnett. They aren't on the same continent in terms of athleticism. He was much more accurate when he used the Zydrunas Ilgauskas comparison (and yes, I'm saying that because I drew the same comparison on Monday.) Bill Walton is an interesting idea, although I only started watching the NBA in the mid-80s, so I never saw Walton before his feet exploded.


peacedog said...

I was embarrassed by the Kevin Garnett comparison. It's absurd on a number of levels.

His article does give you some hope for Bogut. It could be that he can develop a more advanced offensvie game (and get to the line more; what did he shoot on the season?) with more polish.

And his background is encouraging. I now imagine him putting out cigars on his own hands/arms, and biting the heads off of small rodents.

Michael said...

If Bogut dunked on someone's head and then said "You Americans, all the same. Always overdressing for the wrong occasions.", I'm pretty sure that I would become incontinent.

(I know that there are differences between Germans and Croat Aussies, but work with me here.)

peacedog said...

As an aside, it must be killing Terrance Moore to have to dis Bonds. I mean, this is "threatening the fabric of reality" type stuff. Next thing you know Delay will be in the papers apologizing for the "Schiavo mess" and saying he will be personally leading an investigation into his past. What more can be said about Moore (quite a bit, no doubt)?

However, I think the Falcons coverage all offseason has been decent, plenty of solidly written articles by all parties (though a few too many fluff pieces all the way around. Hey, I like watching people suck the dirty bird's cock as a fan, but as someone who feels we should have certain standards in pace for certain things, it makes me want to puke).

Jeff Schultz is funny doing his picks in football season, but I'm not really a big fan outside of that. In fact, I think I miss finishing his articles alot.

Furman Bischer: . . .

(if there is a god - or God - and he has a son, one of the signs of his 1st/second coming - depending on your POV of course - will be that Furman stops writing for the AJC).

Remember that one chick who wrote for them for awhile? Maybe she still does, I don;t know. She was terrible (and I'm a sexist bastard, I know).

The guy who does the high school sports section: not very good, though I like that they do this. But how good can you write for highschool sports? I think your natural output is capped by some sort of thermodynamic corollary.

Bradley: pretty good all in all.

I thought Mike Lough's part I of this column today was good (Blank's Plan), FWIW.