Friday, October 05, 2007

Here's What I Learned on Sports Talk Radio this Morning

Lebron James should be traded from the Cavaliers because he rooted for the Yankees last night. He clearly wants to be in New York because he is friends with Jay-Z, which explains the three-year extension that he signed with the Cavs that keeps him in Cleveland through the 2010 season. Nick Celini loses the right to ever complain about Cleveland teams losing if he's in favor of trading the best Cleveland athlete since Jim Brown because he didn't want to put Chief Wahoo on his noggin.

Marion Jones is a CHEATER!!! A "bold-faced liar!!!" LOUD NOISES!!!

Tony Joiner is a felon and should be banned from ever playing football again. Seriously, John Kincaide was pontificating about how terrible it is that Joiner sprung his girlfriend's car from a tow lot when I was driving home yesterday and, lo and behold, he was forming an angry middle-aged conservative white guy chorus with Perry Laurentino this morning on the exact same subject. And here I was thinking that sports talk radio should be about sports as opposed to Judge Judy lectures about propriety. It's like there's a void after Vickkampf that has to be filled with moral pronouncements and any athlete in trouble will do.


LD said...

Cellini was off his meds this morning. Completely incapable of a rational thought on the subject.

I flipped to 680 and they were at least doing their college football picks. Ill-formed analysis, but at least a little more sports-related.

peacedog said...

I had it rough on the way into work this morning. I caught the Lebron stuff and I don't even remember what else.

Though I will say this: if Lebron cheers for the Yankees, Cowboys, and some other dynastic team in some other sport (I can't remember who they said), yes he's a front runner and yes it's lame as shit barring a series of unlikely incidents in his background. Also, showing up in Cleveland wering the Yankee hat was maybe not a good idea, though not at all tradeable grounds or anything. I doubt the fan base will appreciate it, especially when all the "LeBron wants out" rumors start leaking when the time is right.

That said, listening to Celini just flip out over the guy who called in when I was listening was fantastic. I thought he was going to bust through the radio and punch me in the face just because I wasn't vehemetly, and mentally, agreeing.

Oh, I think I caught the Lou Holtz impersionation on the other station, talking about the tech Maryland game. That was actually funny as hell, especially the part about how the fridge will swallow a kid whole.

No commentary about UGA-UT. I realize I catch a very small window if both shows, and at least one of them was discussing college football, but Lebron wearing a Yankee hat and being a front runner should never never never trump football discussion when there's college games tonight & tomorrow, and pro games friday. For the love of mercy.

Fox said...

Clearly LeBron's just waiting for Isiah to leave. He'll be a Knick in a few years.

Anonymous said...

Kincaide's an asshole. And Laurentino is his twin. Its all about trying to drive up ratings - not sports or logic. They're whole bit is to say something like "Man, that Mother Teresa was some kind of whore!" just so people will call up to argue with them. I had to stop listening to 680 months ago. Couldn't take it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Is Marion Jones supposed to be above criticism or something? She took steroids and lied about it for seven years before the feds forced her to 'fess up. Just because she made the obligatory crocodile-tear-filled apology doesn't mean she deserves a free pass.

Michael said...

No, she's not above criticism, but there are more useful ways to fill airtime than by finding a variety of ways to say that Jones is a bad person (or at least did a bad thing) by lying. My general criticism is that I prefer to here analysis as opposed to immediate emotional reactions.