Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cutting Edge Analysis

In game one, the Heat couldn't throw the ball into the ocean from outside. Dwyane Wade had a good first half (7/14 for 16 points, if I recall correctly), but the Heat were down 20 because they got nothing from the supporting cast. Last night, the Heat got six threes from Daequan Cook and 19 points on nine shots from the artist formerly known as Jermaine O'Neal.

We all like to imagine that our teams control their own fates. When our teams win, it's because they played well and when they lose, it's because they played poorly or, more likely, because the coach is an idiot. That's not always the case and the first two games are good examples. If the Heat are going to shoot 15 for 26 from behind the arc, then the Hawks aren't going to beat them. If Jermaine O'Neal is going to be a significant presence in the post, then the Hawks aren't going to beat them. Dwyane Wade is the best player on the floor, so if the Hawks don't whip the Heat with their 2-8 players, then they aren't going to win. I wish that I had something novel to say about the first two games or the series, but it isn't any more complicated than that.

Oh, and I suppose that I should also mention that the good Josh Smith has shown up for the first two games and we have to hope that he also shows up in Miami. I definitely like him being chippy with the other team. It's better that he's squabbling with Jamaal Magloire as oppsed to Mike Woodson.

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