Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Worked Three Years Ago


Fitz Upchuckles said...

Will Hiddick put Bosingwa at left back? Can the Chelsea midfield cut the supply line to Messi? The guy posting this comment says yes. And maybe, to some extent.

1 - 1

Chelsea heads home with the advantage.

Do I win anything?

Michael said...

I just peeked at the lineups. Barca isn't starting Puyol, which is interesting. I think they're going with Pique because of his ability in the air to nullify Drogba. Chelsea have Obi Mikel, Ballack, and Essien all in the side, which means that they are goin g to try to dominate in the middle. There's only one winger on the pitch: Malouda.

3-1 Barca.

Anonymous said...

Not sure Chels has any advantage coming back to the Bridge without an away goal. They get Cole back and Barca lose Puyol. Still a long way to go.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your comments on the match as I am by no means an expert, but I don't understand the general feeling by the press (espn, cnnsi) that Chelsea somehow deserve kudos for their performance. Outside of Marquez's Eff-up playing the ball back (my least favorite player by far given his general assholery whenever the Tri plays the USA), did Chelsea ever bother crossing midfield? Barca had several good chances despite Chelsea keeping 9 guys behind the ball the entire match. I understand it is a matter of strategy (and most likely self-preservation), but I just hate people commending teams for playing chickenshit football.

Prediction for the return leg: Chelsea has to come forward at some point to get a goal and Barca will make them pay. 2-1 and on to the finales!

An aside, it hurts my American football eyes to watch these guys roll around on the ground like they were hit by a SEALS sniper. Can't we do with just a little less theatrics?