Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is Awesome

[HT: Larry Brown Sports.]

When gone are Skip and Larry, the last of the the play-by-play Jedi will Steve Holman be.

For the record, I didn't think that Wade's foul on Mo Evans was terrible, but coming after a sequence in which he got all frisky with Solomon Jones, a flagrant fould call was inevitable.

For the record, Eric Spoelstra is the NBA version of Lane Kiffin.

For the record, I am hearting Zaza right now something fierce. The last time I felt this way, the year was 1991, I was still a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan (we lived in Pittsburgh when I was a kid and Atlanta didn't have an NHL team), and the player I was hearting was Ulf Samuelsson. Every team needs a guy who annoys the crap out of the opponent. (I so want to make a Dwyane Wade/Cam Neely reference here, but I'm not that kind of girl.) A good playoff series needs some morbo and Hawks-Heat now has it.


jjwalker said...

An observation on Josh Smith from your post below--Woodson should call him into the office tomorrow and tell him he's never allowed to shoot more than a 17-foot jumper ever again in his career unless there's 1 second on the shot clock, and every time he does it he's going to be benched for 10 minutes. And then follow through on it. Every time. Every game. No matter what.

Smith won't like it, but it'll be for his own good. Some people in life thrive on freedom and creativity--like Wade, for example. I'd never want to restrict what Wade does because even though he's out of control from time to time, his energy and spontaneity and creativity are part of that make him so awesome--and he'd be less awesome in a more structured role.

But others need limits placed on them for their own good because they're too stupid or uninstinctual to self-regulate, to have a good sense of what they can do at what time that's best for the team. The optimal number of long jumpers for Josh Smith to take is literally zero. He should be trying to emulate Amare Stoudemire, not Dirk Nowitzki. But he's too dumb, too selfish, too un-self-critical, too delusional, whatever, to know that. That's where the coach comes in. It's hard in the NBA because the inmates run the asylum, but sometimes it works--Greg Popovich had a lot to do with Tony Parker going from a shitty 3-point shooter to one of the great 6'0 paint scorers of all time.

Neil Young and Geraldo said...

Damn, jjwalker, it aint as easy as you say.

Also, I am kinda' embarrassed about our announcer. But don't get me wrong - I also think he's pretty funny, too.

Finally, Michael, you should put up a blog post about how you feel about this new Dylan album. Your fans don't want you to link each song to an SEC coach-- they simply want you to evaluate it.

Love your blog, man, keep up the good work.

chg said...

Since we're offering advice, the only way I'd want to hear about the new Dylan album is if each song was linked to an SEC coach or team.