Wednesday, April 21, 2010

That was Awesome (After 26 Outs)

So what was the best aspect of the Braves' improbable 4-3 win over the Phillies last night? The Baseball Messiah homering to tie the game in the ninth? Much-maligned Troy Glaus hitting a two-run homer to keep hope alive? Much-maligned Nate McLouth hitting a bomb in the tenth for the win? The Braves' novel idea of dashing into the clubhouse after a walk-off home run as an upgraded version of the silent treatment? The mental image of the Barfing Bandit having to watch his Phils blow a game to a division rival?

Mark Bradley, who is often one to get carried away, gets carried away:

Before the game, Philadelphia manager Charlie Manuel was asked if a transcendent young player — like the Phillies’ Howard was back in 2005, or like Heyward is today — can energize an entire franchise. “A guy like that can bring excitement and bring energy,” Manuel said. “He can bring a whole lot to a team and to a clubhouse.”

We Atlantans are seeing it on a daily basis. Barely two weeks on the job, Jason Heyward hasn’t just stamped himself as the Next Big Thing. He’s making a big thing out of the team around him. He’s making us think it’s 1991 all over again. And maybe it is.

I'll put my irrational exuberance about the mystical powers of Mssr. Heyward up against anyone, but having this burgeoning superstar in the Braves' dugout hasn't made McLouth, Glaus, or Melky hit. Maybe last night is the start of something and the weak spots in the order will get better, but years of watching Bobby Cox succeed based on a mantra that a team should never read too much into any one game make me skeptical.

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Caelus said...

I would be great to see the Braves inspired by Sunday and Tuesday's games to start a team wide hitting spree. Too bad that was followed up by the entrance of the Phils' Roy Halladay. I was at the game last night and Halladay is all that he is advertised to be. When the Braves finally got something going against him, the Phils made a great defensive play to squelch the rally.

Hopefully the Braves can break out against my old Mariner buddy Jamie Moyer.