Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Word of Advice for Those of you who Play "Streak for the Cash"

One bet today is Barca win vs. Inter win or draw. A few stats for your consideration:

1. Barca's results in Champions League knockout road legs under Pep Guardiola: 1-1, 1-1, 1-1, 1-1, 2-2.

2. Barca had to take a two-day bus trip to Milan.

3. Jose Mourinho's teams have not lost a home league game in 134 matches, dating back to his time at Porto. His teams have lost all of three home games in the Champions League, and only one Champions League knockout home leg: Chelsea 1 Barca 2 in 2006. The scorer of the winner in that match - Samuel Eto'o - now plays for Inter, as does the scorer of Chelsea's goal: Thiago Motta, who knocked a Lampard free kick past his own keeper. (That match was Leo Messi's coming out party. He didn't score, but he hit the post, got trampled in the box, and generally ran riot on the right, causing Asier Del Horno's red card that gave Barca the advantage.)

4. Mourinho is going to be quite content with a 0-0. He also got a blueprint from Espanyol this weekend.

Have I convinced you that a draw or an Inter win is the most likely result?


Anonymous said...

Hat tip to Inter, they were the better side but WTF with that 3rd Inter goal? To me Milito was clearly offside. I would really like Barca's chances coming back with a 2-1 loss. 3-1 is going to be difficult without Iniesta and Puyol. Is Mourinho going to play 10 behind the ball a la Chelsea?

Also, what has Henry done to get so deep in the dog house? Everytime I see him play he seems to create chances.

If Barca flames out here and drops the Liga I am going to be sick.

Anonymous said...

Jason Heyward strikes again!