Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What am I Missing Here?

So Zach Mettenberger has been kicked off of Georgia's football team for an incident involving drinking at a bar underage with a fake ID, along with the obligatory obstruction charge that a police officer can give for a nasty look? Mettenberger was originally suspended for the opener against Hucklebuck State, but now he's been booted, even though there hasn't been a new incident? Is there some salacious rumor that will explain this for me? Or is Mark Richt overreacting to the charges that he wasn't tight enough on the reins? A little help here, please.


Anonymous said...

My bet is that Mettenberger had not been sufficiently contrite after the incident and the punishment for the incident. That fact would make Mettenberger a malcontent that Richt doesn't need, particularly at quarterback.

Anonymous said...

He went down to Valdosta to visit a couple buddies from high school, one of whom I am good friends with. They went out and had some drinks and Mett got drunk and started touching a couple girls inappropriately, he got warned 3 different times by 2 of the bouncers to calm down or he was gonna get kicked out. He then went up underneath a girls skirt, a girl that worked there and has a BF, and not only did he just go up her skirt but her underwear as well. He then got kicked out and as he was arguing with the bouncers the cops came up and then asked what was going on. The bouncers just said he was acting stupid and they wanted him out of the bar, th cops asked to see his ID and he gave them his fake, they brought him over to the car and talked to him and told him to give them the fake ID's and get one of his friends who hasnt been drinking to take him wherever he was staying. He wanted to argue with them so he got arrested. While he was with the cops the girls came out and told them what went on, the girls were given the option to press charges but declined and said they hope he gets everything he deserves from Richt and the university. He then begged th cops to let him go and said he is a QB at UGA and said he has alot to lose. After he got bailed out he came back to Athens and lied to Richt and Bobo and told them he was drunk, but only grabbed one girls hips to move her out of the way so he could go the the restroom. Our staff heard from multiple people there was alot more to it than what Mett said and found out about it, but couldnt actually do anything until either Mett confessed to it or the police department told them. I dont know how they found out for sure but they did and thats why the punishment is so harsh.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Anon above has the clearest account I've heard so far. Main points before I read this were:

A) Groping/Hand up skirt

B) Mett lying to Richt about what he had done.

Stephen said...

Word on the street is also that they put him on a tight lease with regards to Athens partying, and he broke that by being spotted out at the bars in Athens.

Totally unsubstantiated, but that's what I've heard, on edsbs maybe?

As for the footy:
Mouth <-- Humble Pie, after watching AFC vs Barca. Good luck in the return leg of next round. Although there's probably many Chelsea comrades out there enjoying the no-penalty-call vs Alves.