Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Eto'oGat'e: Nothing to See Here

Be my valentine!

It's all a big misunderstanding. Samuel loves Frank. Samuel loves Ronnie. Txiki loves Samuel. Txiki has an unpronounceable name. Everyone hates Marca. A hat trick at the Mestalla beckons.

Update: the peacemaker isn't Laporta or Rijkaard, but midfield destroyer Thiago Motta?

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Kanu said...

My other thought about this is that the press always need a sensational story to push their products, and it seems like they made more of this than there is. Same thing happens with Sky & the Brit press all the time, i.e the Henry Kirkland thing. Give me a break, he talked shit to the dude in his face for 3 seconds after the guy blatantly wasted time for the last hour of the match, and the media shitstorm would have you believe that he kicked him in the balls, keyed his car, and fondled his wife & daughter. Speaking of which, I have to go turn on cable news and see what is going on with Anna Nicole Smith at this very moment- I'm guessing that Michael Jackson will end up being the father...