Monday, February 05, 2007

Goldfinger, doo doo doo (Liveblog)

10:13 - Joe is coming alive. Two long jumpers and then an assist to Josh for his fourth oopie dunk. We're back to within three. Cue Tony Dungy on the first five minutes of the third quarter.

8:50 - Marvin shoots an airball with his heels on the three point line. Cue Rick Pitino on the worst shot in basketball. Now he gave Vlad Radmanovic great position for an easy basket. Childress in for Marvin. I could do this coaching thing. In case you asked, by best five for the Hawks: Lue, Joe, Childress, Josh Smith, and Zaza.

4:53 - We're down ten because we're getting nothing from Joe or Josh. The Lakers are attacking the hoop and getting to the foul line. If I were Dick Vitale, now would be a good time to mention the danish I had for breakfast.

3:20 - Childress seems to be the only one who is going to the line.

2:48 - Middle-aged people getting it on on Kiss Cam. Eeeewww. The joint is full tonight, by the way.

1:41 - Childress for three off a great set-up from Joe, followed by a good defensive possession. We're within two.

:22 - Vlad Radmanovic just gave it to Josh Smith from behind on a rebound. Showing his appreciation, Kobe buries a three.

Down five at the end of three. We've done a really good job of defending Kobe, but the Lakers have gotten help for him. Joe and Josh have confirmed my thinking that they are the best players on the team by a significant margin.

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