Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Life as a Michigan Basketball Fan, in Haiku

Went to Final Four
Glen Rice es caliente
Fisher unbeaten

Big Dance at Omni
Mister Jennings no match for
Tall Angry Webber

April '93
Ivies say no to Michael
I am set: Go Blue!

(U. of Chicago?
Sure, great econ department
But social life? Nyet!)

Webber walks, then chokes
Brother mocks me; I fling shoe
"See you in Charlotte!"

Freshman year, Fab...Four?
Froze outside Crisler for good seats
Call me Jalen, friends

Blew Big Ten at home
"Everybody hurts" playing
Go to hell, Big Dog

One game from last four
Stopped short by runaway hogs
Dillard's shorts, too long

Sophomore year, Fab...Two?
Good defense, but no offense
F***in' Hilltoppers

Junior Year: TRACTOR!
Plus Albert White with demons
Straight outta Inkster!

One trip to Detroit
Mo Taylor ruined everything
Bye bye Mateen Cleaves

Senior Year: Beat Duke,
Then Arizona, but wait!
Foldo, NIT

Ed Martin paid well
But for Bullock and Taylor?
You got fleeced, my friend

Law school: hoops just suck
Ellerbe, what a great hire!
Can it get much worse?

It's six years later
No Big Dance since '98
Dukie not so good

Spent last night at home
Saw The Departed with wife
Forgot basketball

Checked this web this morning
State pounds us; shut out post-half
Ennui keeps me sane

Only one thing to do
Root hard against Kentucky
Tubby, please come north!


Andrew said...

absolutely brilliant, as it so closely mirrors my life as a Michigan basketball fan as well. it looks like you were a year ahead of me (i matriculated in 1994). 1997 was a bittersweet year for b-ball. beat duke (the same day Woodson won the heisman) and won the inaugural big ten tourney, but screwed the pooch in the big dance. at least football and hockey were gangbusters that year.

Anonymous said...