Monday, February 05, 2007

From Liveblog with Love

11:20 - Alley-oop #3 for Josh Smith. This transition game really suits him. Ryan Cameron's insurance rating just changed to "smoker with multiple Haitian girlfriends." Sasha Vujacic hits a less boner-inducing jumper on the other end.

9:10 - Oh, Shelden.

8:30 - Speedy Claxton: three turnovers, 0/2 from the field, and he just got beat off the dribble by Jordan Farmar, forcing Shelden to foul Turiaf, who looks good. Mike Woodson agrees with my assessment, as Tyronne Lue is back in. If Lue gives average defensive production, then he is the solution at the point.

8:03 - Turiaf draws a charge, then sets up Farmar for an open jumper. For all the flak that Mitch Kupchak has taken, he's built some good depth on the Lakers. And that's before we get to the Andrew Bynum pick. Speaking of Bynum, he's not exactly subtle with his bullrushes to the basket. Shelden draws a foul just like Coach K taught him. Pay the Squatter, clap clap clap clap clap.

6:56 - Joe sets up Tyronne Lue for a THREEEEEE!!!!! Joe only has seven points so far, so the Hawks' barometer sees a storm. Then again, he's doing a good job on Kobe right now. I forgot to mention when I was whining about Johnson's all-star snub that his defensive production is just a wee bit better than that of Vinsanity. But then again, who is better suited for a meaningless exhibition in which there is no defense or passing?

4:10 - Great movement from the Lakers leads to an Andrew Bynum hook from two feet. The Hawks rotated well, but the Lakers were unselfish. It helps to have a back-to-the-basket threat.

3:09 - Feathery one-hander from Bynum. He's graceful for a big guy (when he wants to be). The Lakers need to funnel the ball to him more, although his success might change when opponents start doubling him.

2:42 - Bad things are happening to girthy people on Catastrophe Theater. The crowd loves it. Anyone want to send me the clip from The Naked Gun? You know the one.

1:37 - Is it just me or does Marvin not have very good hands?

1:10 - We're down nine and on pace to score 60 points. Danger.

1:00 - Saved by Smush! He barrels through the lane and gives the ref an easy charge call, then gets t'd up for good measure. Kudos to Royal Ivey for getting trucked and standing his ground.

40-31 at the half. Not an offensive clinic from the Hawks. When Joe isn't carrying the team, they struggle. No one else has more than six. It has to get better.

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