Monday, February 05, 2007

Hawks-Lakers Liveblog - Dr. No

On a big night out before fatherhood ended my drinking career (or at least forced a Sugar Ray Leonard retirement), I would name my drinks after Bond movies to keep track of my intake. As with the real series, Roger Moore = trouble and Timothy Dalton = death. Anyway, if you need guidance on the title of this post and the next three (for quarters two through four), there you go.

I'm in a suite along with a collection of bloggers. Collectively, we don't do much for the stereotype that blogging is a young white male activity.

11:54 - And we have our first dunk from Josh Smith, right from the tip. Andrew Bynum shows some frightening footwork to equalize.

10:05 - Eagle County's favorite son just scored a three-point play, took the ball off Joe Johnson on a break, and then got fouled at the other end. I previously observed that male Lakers fans had Shaq jerseys and kids and women had Kobe jerseys. Wonder if that's still the case?

8:48 - Phil Jackson calls a 20 with his team up 6-2. In the old days, I'd make a joke about how he's frustrated that his team isn't up 12, but surely he knows the Hawks are surprisingly competent! Winners of five of seven? They come out of the timeout and throw the ball right down to Bynum, who tries to bang his way through Zaza. Unsuccessful. Thatsh!t don't fly in Tbilisi.

7:03 - A carrying call on Kobe! Sweet! And...a turnover on the other end for the Hawks.

6:47 - Last year Smush Parker roasted the Hawks in the home opener. Tonight, he's very quiet. A sign that the Hawks have improved their defending of opposing point guards? We're down 8-6 right now because Lamar Odom is cold and shooting a lot of bad shots. 66% of the Hawks' offense is the "throw the ball up to Josh Smith and let him flush." Ryan Cameron will spontaneously combust at this rate.

3:38 - The A-Town Dancers, brought to you tonight by the loving memory of Luther Campbell. Wait, Luke is still alive...?

3:21 - You know your franchises don't have a glorious history when there's a banner in the arena for Widespread Panic's 15 sold-out shows from 1999-2006. Welcome to Georgia.

1:40 - I don't think there's been a single made jumper in the game.

1:23 - Ronny Turiaf just got a reputation call. I need his agent. Then he rubbed off from the high post on the same triangle play that's been working since the Jud Buechler era and missed the bunny, but the Hawks' defense was contorted and the Lakers got an easy follow. 16-14 Lakers at the end of the first. Coincidentally, this was the score of the Super Bowl at the half. But Bow Wow is in 'da house, so this beats the Super Bowl anyway.

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