Friday, February 09, 2007

Who Kidnapped Bill Simmons?

First he acknowledges that the NFL doesn't hold a candle to college football in terms of excitement in attending a game. Now, he's acknowledged that the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry isn't really a rivalry and pales in comparison to Duke-UNC:

I like the UNC-Duke rivalry because everyone picks a side and digs in, and that's the way it is until you die whether you're a fan, player, coach, professor or whomever else. With the Yankees and Sox, they pretend it's a rivalry -- and for the fans, it definitely is -- but how much bad blood can there be when someone like Johnny Damon switches teams with no real repercussions? Imagine Coach K resigning from Duke to take over the UNC job, or Brandan Wright deciding that he hated UNC and wanted to transfer to Duke ... I mean, would that EVER happen? Duke and UNC are like the Crips and Bloods, only if everyone was driving Land Rovers and wearing hoodies.

Simmons is definitely coming around. Moving from Boston has clearly opened his eyes to sports other than the big three American professional sports. Well, that and the fact that the Celtics suck and the Red Sox have been mismanaged, so he's had to look for alternative outlets.

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Ryno said...

I won't hold my breath. He's simply acknowledging what he considers "lower level sports" because baseball hasn't started. Come March, you're in for four straight months of Red Sox and NBA coverage.