Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ever wonder why the 49ers have gone downhill?

This article might go a long way to explaining (or at least illustrating) an organization that can't tie its own shoelaces at this stage. In short, the 49ers' HR department are a collection of bumbling idiots who put together a training video to instruct their players on living in San Francisco and in so doing, they managed to offend the two most prominent minority groups in the city: gays and Asian-Americans. G-d help them if they ever get sued for harassment or discrimination in the near future. A centerpiece of any employment suit is usually an attack on the HR department for failing to investigate properly and no jury or judge is going to take the 49ers' defense seriously when it involved an HR manager who thought that topless lesbians and bad jokes about George Bush's "erection" were a great way to train his employees. And pissing off the mayor? What a lovely added touch.

On a related note, if anyone sees this video on Ebay, let me know. My interest is purely professional.

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