Friday, June 03, 2005

The Latest Hawks Draft Rumor

From Chad Ford:

"Atlanta Hawks: GM Billy Knight needs a lot of help and is in a difficult position. If the Bucks select Marvin Williams, Bogut falls into their laps and the pick becomes much more valuable. However, if the Bucks take Bogut at No. 1, keeping the pick doesn't make much sense. The next best player on the board, Williams, doesn't fit a need, and there seems to be a strong sentiment coming out of Atlanta right now that the Hawks prefer Deron Williams to Paul.

"If that's true, the Hawks could make a deal with the Bobcats, Hornets or possibly the Jazz, and still get the guy they want plus either another first-rounder or an established young player. The Hawks probably won't pull the trigger until they have a better idea what the Bucks are going to do."

Personally, I'd be thrilled if the Hawks got Deron Williams and the #13 pick from Charlotte. I like Williams' game a lot and he's a terrific defensive player, which is always underrated in the NBA Draft. The key to a trade-down with Charlotte strategy is that he has to be available at the #5 pick, which means that some team is going to have to take Gerald Green in the top four.

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peacedog said...

I heart Deron Williams.