Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Renegade Program?

The discussion on Mayhem this morning was about the latest "black eye" for the Georgia football program: Derrick White's dismissal for a DUI. The conclusion seemed to be that Georgia gets a pass because Richt wins games and is a personally upstanding guy. Personally, I think that's unfair. Georgia certainly hasn't been taking questionable characters into their program. Look at the rejection of Michael Grant last year for comparatively minor offenses as an example. When the players have arrived in Athens, Richt certainly hasn't been lax in punishing them. He hasn't invoked the "Warsaw Rules" to keep his kicker eligible or given light punishment to players like a forgiving New Testament G-d. (Incidentally, the dichotomy between a wrathful Old Testament G-d and a forgiving New Testament G-d is a bunch of BS, but that might be a little far afield for this Blog.) Finally, most of the offenses committed by Georgia players have been weed, which is harmless, and driving while impaired, which is bad, but is still non-violent. (Negligent is the best way to describe it.)

If Richt isn't bringing in bad characters, he's disciplining them when they arrive, and the players aren't raping and pillaging Clarke County, then what else is the coach supposed to do? What, pray-tell, is the solution? (How childish of me to actually ask for solutions.)

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peacedog said...

If you saw, I touched on this partly yesterday (too busy today, another work crisis) in my blog.

We just denined Jamar Chaney admittance because he had a 2.9 and a 1260 - the latter which was much much higher after his first time taking the test (it also paired with a 17 ACT).

People treating Georgia like they have a bunch of thugs are, to put it simply, bliterhing idiots. We've demonstrated anything but. College kids with traffic violations (be they alcohol related or not)? Get out of town. That shit *never* happens to kids in college.

Odel had some attitude issues, true. Two players have left the program in the last couple of years due to disciplinary reasons, following his own dismissal (Dayna Graydon, who is gone; Josh Johnson, who has a chance to redeem himself and return). Hardly a big group of thugs.