Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Why I love soccer

Think that the Swamp is a hostile venue? Think that Philly fans are rough for cheering when players are paralyzed? Boca Juniors fans laugh in your face and pull up your skirt. Can you imagine the media reaction in the U.S. if the following happened at a sporting event:

1. Several players head-butted one another;

2. A fan ran onto the field, punched a visiting player, and then scurried back into the stands;

3. A number of players were pelted with missiles from the crowd; and

4. The game was called when a mass of fans assembled and led a visiting player to show abject terror as he headed back to his area of the field.

Can you imagine "Old School/Nu Skool" after an episode like that. Skip Bayless' head would explode like the Death Star. Stephen A. Smith's saliva would coat the camera. In short, it would be the first installment of "Old School/Nu Skool" worth watching. And the number of overwrought "fans are over the line" pieces from typical, white, middle-aged, sports writers (TWMASWs) would be off the charts. Couldn't we send the Red Sox to play Boca Juniors in ping pong at the Bombonera?

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