Monday, August 07, 2006

ESPN's Campaign against Notre Dame Continues


peacedog said...


Ed said...

I have to admit - I'm impressed. Your ability to cut and paste images has served to puncture all of my arguments with needle-like precision. I feel a little foolish now.

I certainly regret contending that Notre Dame never received any positive coverage for its football team. My first comment posted on May 27 (you can look it up, to my great shame) is now only source of embarrassment. I can't believe that I wrote "Brady Quinn will receive precious little media coverage this fall, and all of it will be negative," or that I would state so baldly that "the media willfully ignores the largest fan base in the country and feeds it little, if any, news about its football team." Can I somehow edit this absurdity? And what was I thinking when I wrote that "it was outrageous that Notre Dame had never made the cover of Sports Illustrated?"

Congratulations, Michael, you have won the field. But what would you expect? You are a lawyer, skilled in the intricacies of debate. I am merely a subway alum, who, in the words of Sporting News writer, Catholic apologist, and Notre Dame sycophant Tom Deinhart, genuflects and does the sign of the cross at every mention of Notre Dame, even though I don't know where it is located....It was truly an unfair fight - right from the start.

Michael said...

I must say, that was well done. I like a good sarcastic post.