Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Sports Talk Radio Idiocy

Monday morning, the topic on Mayhem was "most hyped game while you were in college." A caller who went to Southern Miss piped in to offer up the '82 Bama-Southern Miss game, when Southern Miss ended Bama's 19-year unbeaten streak in Tuscaloosa. Beau Bock then asked whether this was the game when Brett Favre came out of the hospital to lead Southern Miss to the win. Let's count the problems with this statement:

1. Brett Favre was a senior at Southern Miss in 1990. He would have been in 8th grade when Southern Miss beat Bama in '82. Even with the Norse god attributes that Peter King assigns to Favre, he would have had a hard time beating the Tide as an 8th grader, although I'm sure he was a gunslinger even back then.

2. I'd hazard a guess that there are no active quarterbacks in the NFL who were playing college football in 1982.

3. Bock, lacking even the minimal analytical abilities required for sports talk radio hosts, is on the show essentially for the sole reason that he's been around forever and therefore should have some useful historical anecdotes to add to the program. If he thinks that Favre slayed Bear Bryant, then even that limited use is gone.

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Anonymous said...

Brett Favre killed himself a bear when he was only three, then he chopped down a cherry tree and beat Bama with the Bear when he was 13. John Madden would buy that.