Thursday, August 03, 2006

I Just Can't Resist

Troy Smith: takes money from a booster, gets suspended for meaningless Alamo Bowl and then opener against Miami (OH).

Rhett Bomar: takes money from a booster, gets booted off Oklahoma's team.

And while we're discussing discipline, how about a cheer for Tommy Tuberville for suspending two significant linebackers for three games. When I first read the, I immediately assumed that the first three games for Auburn were going to be against team that the Tigers could beat with blindfolds. Instead, it turns out that game three is the LSU game, the game that has decided the West for the past three years. And Tommy didn't even suspend his players for taking money from boosters or other NCAA infractions, but instead for a DUI and an MIP.

And one other thought: ESPN's poll question this morning is "Is major college football corrupt?" Let's see the next time an NFL star is arrested for hiring someone to kill his pregnant wife or trafficking drugs whether the same question is asked about the NFL, shall we? I just don't see what's corrupt about the system working properly.


Anonymous said...

I have to give Stoops credit there, that takes major cajones to fire your starting QB. He may be doing it to look good when the NCAA starts snooping around, but regardless, that is very commendable.

Also, ESPN reported incorrectly on the Tuberville serving up 3 game suspensions for those 2. He has not made up his mind yet, it was assumed because he said "several" in one interview. Most of the information I hear says it may be more than 3 games. Admitted, I'm a homer, but look at Tub's track record the last 5 years or so. From a discipline standpoint we have been near the top of the SEC in lack of off-season issues. And when something does happen, he usually drops the hammer hard.

peacedog said...

Stoops had no choice. This was an old schooo, circa SMU death penalty, type issue that cropped up at OU. The NCAA is going to be pissed. The entire state of New Mexico might get eliminated as a result.

Not that I think we shouldn't praise him for doing the right thing (so to speak). But this doesn't appear to be a "let me get all the facts in" situation.

Also, I don't think Bomar should be commended for honesty for reporting the money to the IRS. I'm wondering if he's an idiot.

Anonymous said...

ESPN isn't selling fantasy games for College football, at least not enough to buy air time on their network constantly with their stupid commercials, they aren't so far in bed with college football. They are with the NFL, plus it's easier for anyone in the mainstream media to dump on college football because it's easier to paint college football players as the "jocks" from high school then it is the NFL players and that's a story that most non-college football fans will roll over and accept, immediately.